... hvorfor leie, når en kan kjøpe?

Spesial Januar priser i "New Nordic VIP-1" og "New Nordic Suites"

Tilbudet er gyldig til 31. januar

Apartment 101,102 and 202 is now sold with the January prices, the special offer continues:

New Nordic VIP-1 Condominium (now 65 % finish, ready to move in in about 3 months)

You can choose between these three payment options:

  1. Pay full amount within 14 days and get kitchen and all furniture for free.
  2. Pay 60 % now, and the rest 40 % during 2 years from March 2011, with no interest or other expences.
  3. Pay 60 % now, and the rest 40 % with 5 year rental guarantee of 8 % (5 year a 8 % = 40 %)

New Nordic Suites Apartment (ready to move in about December 2011):

Common conditions (VIP-1 og Suites): Deposit have to be paid within the 31. of . January 2011, and contract signed within 10 days after deposit payment

Photo of VIP-1 construction

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